Uncomfortable staging2 547SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH, 1PM – 7PM

THE UNCOMFORTABLE STAGING is a two-day workshop where students will learn to build urban space scenes as tools to express contemporary issues through photography. Participants will be using humor as a tool for social criticism, contrasting the effects of fantasy into reality – the interference of art within social themes. The objective of the workshop is, on the one hand, to facilitate the definition of a cultural expression based on the relationship with its social context, legitimizing the concerns of the community; Secondly, the workshop aims to produce a creative dialogue.


SESSION 1, 9/19:

  • Approach to staging, historical perspective
  • Painting and photography references
  • Presentation of Violette Bule’s portfolio
  • Elements of staging
  • Symbols, color, technique
  • Discussion and reflection on concerns of social problems in the community
  • Assignment: Locate possible urban development scenarios for staging
  • Group work: Development of visual-speech problems

SESSION 2, 9/20:

  • Pre-tour locations
  • Storyboard, photo printing in black and white A4 format
  • Sketching and elements within the composition
  • Defining production for staging, all groups will attend each other’s staging
  • Defining shoot day
  • Day of shoot
  • Editing and post-production
  • Printing and urban community intervention
  • Final showcase of processes and outcomes of the workshop


Violette Bule studied at the Active School of Photography in Mexico and has a Diploma in General Studies of Photography at The National Center of Photography of Venezuela. Her work has been exhibited in severals art centers and museums such as the Centre of Contemporary Art Tokyo Wonder Site in Japan, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, Venezuela, the NEGPOS Gallery, University Paris 7 in France and Gallery EspacioMAD in Venezuela. She has also participated in several art fairs such as Iberoamerican Art Fair, Venezuela; PINTA Latin American Art Fair, Gallery Studio 8 in the UK, Artfair Hong Kong PSH Project, Hong Kong, October Salon Art Young, Venezuela; Life in Photography PIP, China, Context International Contemporary, Modern Art Fair Miami, ArtBasel 2013.


Limited to 12 students