stress free o1 visa

STRESS FREE O-1 ARTIST VISA APPLICATION explains to artists, curators, performances, film directors and musicians the complex entertainment visa requirements.

The O-1 work visa is for applicants who possess extraordinary abilities in arts, education, athletics or other entertainment related areas. To initiate the process it is necessary to organize different types of information. In this regard, the O -1 visa can be confusing and stressful, it takes time and a considerable amount of planning.

In this workshop, each participant will learn how prioritize issues and time in order to build a solid case. The goal is to organize and present a solid argument that proves that the participant gathers extraordinary abilities in their field.

The students will learn the many aspects involved in the O -1 visa petition process. The first stage of the workshop focuses on selecting the material and ideas to be presented to the attorney; you will become familiar with key terminology used in the process. For instance, how prepare a CV using the standards required for the application, and how elaborate a solid and organized recollection of experiences and achievements. By the second day, we will learn how to frame these records in order to build a concise press kit; we will learn about the importance of timing, planning and goal settings in the task of avoiding the unexpected. At the end of the workshop, the participants will have the tools to start working on their application for an O-1 visa.

*NOTE: This workshop covers a considerable amount of information but it cannot cover everything! The information is not legal advice and cannot ensure the success on the process. For specific advice on a specific matter, contact a qualified immigration attorney.


  • How to prepare your case for a first meeting with an immigration attorney
  • Key words: Knowing the terminology that will accompany you during your 
application process
  • Who can be your petitioner or sponsor
  • Artist resume for O-1 visa application
  • How to elaborate a solid portfolio
  • How to make a press kit
  • How to prepare recommendation letters
  • How to write a cover letter and a petitioner agreement
  • Contracts and work schedules


  • All the students must bring a brief biography that explains their background and recent work.


Helena Acosta is an independent art curator and artist consultant. She is the founder of Producción Aleatoria, a space to investigate and promote digital culture and contemporary photography projects. Her work as a researcher has developed in different countries such as Japan, USA, Spain, Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela. The lines of her work focus on the study of photography and media art in relation to contemporary social dynamics and processes. In 2012 she served as curator of the Biennial of Emerging Art : Kinetic legacy held in the spaces of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas. In 2013 she participated as a curator in the first edition of the The Wrong Digital New Digital Art Biennial, created by David Quilles in Brazil. Currently, she is part of the curatorial team of French Project Super Art Modern Museum (SPAMM). Her work has earned two awards from emerging curators: the Generalitat of Catalonia in Spain and the Institute of Contemporary Art Tokyo Wonder Site in Japan.

Helena has extensive experience advising artists who have applied for 0-1 visas. She herself currently holds and 0-1 visa in the USA.

Twitter: @helena_acost
Facebook: ProduccionAleatoria


Limited to 15 participants