Seastead at Night by Victor Liu at REVERSE

We got a chance to spend some time and get to know the visionary behind our latest exhibition SEASTED AT NIGHT. Victor Liu is a Brooklyn based visual artist who is currently inspired by seastead initiatives, or proposals to build floating city-states in the ocean.

Motivated by how art relates to society, Victor creates beautiful yet imperfect structures that represent “failed utopias”. This idea became famous through Russian artist and architect Vladimir Tatlin, who designed “Tatlin’s Tower”, a grand monument that was never built. Victor built these structures to represent the idea of a space where people from different backgrounds could come together and have another chance at rebuilding identity. The irony that these shapes themselves are failed in structure and could never rationally fit or float in the sea, further examines the idea of successfully failed utopias.

IMG_5720 copy 2
Victor’s belief in imagination and the idea of “seasteads” are explored in his installation now on view at REVERSE. We invite you to visit the exhibition and experience the artist’s utopian fable. SEASTEAD AT NIGHT will be up until March 22nd.

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