Utopia School at REVERSE 3/14 & 3/21

As part of the exhibition programming for SEASTEAD AT NIGHTUtopia School will be hosting 2 classes at REVERSE- Utopian Response to Ecocrises? on Saturday, March 14th and Architectures of Desire: Seasteads and Nomadic Flows on Saturday, March 21st.

Utopian Response to Ecocrises?

A central focus of this workshop is the relationship between ecosystems and social systems and how it is being re-imagined by folks in the collective housing community. Through multi-media presentation and facilitated discussion, we will explore our own relationships to the ecosystems that support us and all life on the planet in juxtaposition to alternative eco-social relationships theorized by permaculture and specific strains of anarchism. You will leave this presentation with new ideas on how humans could or should relate to each other, to other species, and to ecosystems in an age of impending eco-crises. Dialogue, questions and commentary will follow.

Architectures of Desire: Seasteads and Nomadic Flows

Let us consider the term “utopian architecture” for a moment.  Does it sound like an oxymoron?  Must it?  How might we change the rules of architecture without throwing away its productive aspects?   Like goldfish, we grow to fit our containers.  Can we imagine an architecture that increases liberty, propagates communalism, stokes mutual aid, and embraces interdependence? What would such an architecture – a desiring architecture – look like, and what might it want from us? Picking up on the work of visionary architect Lebbeus Woods, Architectures of Desire will explore expanded conditions of a built environment beyond those intended by an ideologically-driven definition of urbanism.