Art:Work Closing Party 11/20


Join us for the closing reception of our latest exhibition ART:WORK, sponsored by Espolon Tequila, on November 20th.

ART:WORK, curated by Jessica Gallucci, is a group exhibition featuring artists who critique, comment upon or subvert systems of labor, commerce or entertainment, often from the inside by going undercover, operating as non-artists in those arenas, or by adopting occupational frameworks native to those systems. It includes works from Jeremy Hutchison, Liz Magic Laser, PJ Linden, Sarah Alice Moran, Narcissister, Sarah Stuve and Philip Vanderhyden.

Much of the art in this exhibition relates to the scholar Julia Bryan-Wilson’s definition of occupational realism: work “in which the realm of waged labor (undertaken to sustain oneself economically) and the realm of art (pursued, presumably, for reasons that might include financial gain, but that also exceed financialization and have aesthetic, personal, and/or political motivations) collapse, becoming indistinct or intentionally inverted. These are performances in which artists enact the normal, obligatory tasks of work under the highly elastic rubric of ‘art.’ Here, the job becomes the art and the art becomes the job.”

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Art:Work Closing
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