Holiday Bring Your Own Beamer NYC – REVERSE + BABYCASTLES 12/12



On Saturday, December 12th REVERSE and Babycastles will present a new edition of BYOB NY.

Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) is an international series of one-night exhibitions inviting artists, armed with films, video art, video games, animated gifs and projectors, to convene and explore the art of projection in an immersive environment of moving light, sound and performance. BYOB events, originally conceived by new media artist Rafael Rozendaal, have been held in over 80 international cities.

Babycastles is a collective with roots in New York’s D.I.Y. scene dedicated to building platforms for diversity in video game culture at every level from creators to consumers.

REVERSE generously received a donation of Dos Owls smart projectors which will be available for use at the event for artists to play with. Dos Owls is a forward thinking tech company that aims to revolutionize the world of audio/visual sharing. Dos Owls projectors combine distinct features like state-of-the-art optical display, Bluetooth speakers, Internet connectivity, and Android into compact, portable devices.

We think this is a great way to the end the year and celebrate the Holidays! We hope you can join us!


Andrea Wolf REVERSE
Helena Acosta REVERSE


Violette Bule
James Cao
Danielle Enzo
Alfredo Salazar-Caro
José Dao
Mark Dorf
Yu Feng
Benjamin Forest
Carla Gannis
Faith Holland
Wendy Hu
David Kagan
Anton Marini
Mathew Mathew
Woody Poulard
Sarah Rothberg
Alan Schaffer
Miyo Van Stenis
Steven Tze

Musical performance by Ciudadana_Cero and Offending Command


Because we have received such a positive response from the artistic community, we have closed the invitation to exhibit at the event. Due to space limitations we can unfortunately not accommodate everyone. But we invite all to come see and enjoy the amazing work of the artists participating.

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