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WEDNESDAY, JULY 1ST, 8TH & 15TH, 6:30PM – 9:30PM

LED MAPPATHON© is a 3 session workshop where students will learn basic knowledge of Projection Mapping technology to map LED light using the software MadMapper with a DMX controller, DMX drive and Modul8.

Our exercise during the workshop will be choosing the right projector and LED light, recognizing how the video content maps and controls LED light, and creating a simple 3D structure to takeaway.

During the 3 sessions you will learn

Session 1, 7/1: Projection Mapping

  • Basic knowledge of a projector.
  • Learn how to make animations and video content using Modul8.
  • Learn how to make Projection Mapping using Modul8 and MadMapper.

Session 2, 7/8: Mapping LEDs

  • Basic knowledge of different LED lights.
  • The principles of LED Mapping with MadMapper (DMX / Artnet). How to connect a White Flexible LED Strip, a Power Supply, a USB DMX controller, an LED DMX drive to MadMapper.
  • Learn how to make an LED Mapping using MadMapper and Modul8.
  • Making a 3D object using Jix and straws in real time.

Session 3, 7/15: Making an LED installation

  • Designing a 3D LED light installation controlled by real time video.

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LED MAPPATHON© is supported by MadMapper, & Modul8
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CHiKA started as a live visual artist and VJ working with experimental sound composers, 8-bit musicians and club DJs almost a decade ago. She explored her work as an art practice, experimenting with improvisational communication with an audience in real time. Now, she employs evolving technology to bring dynamic interaction of the digital and physical world to the public. Working across a variety of media, including LED, video projection and interactive technologies, CHiKA transforms the energy of a live performance environment by provoking public consciousness and awakening public awareness through interactive installations. She has been a resident fellow at the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program, an IAC/InterActiveCorp Teaching and Research Fellow for Vimeo, an Eyebeam resident artist and is a BRIC Media Arts Fellow and Artist in Residence at Media Center in 2015.

CHiKA is a founder of a projection mapping marathon workshop, Mappathon.

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