Foliage by Elliott Sharp is a long-form graphic music score that offers abstract instructions allowing for infinite possible interpretations by performing musicians. During the 10 day exhibition at REVERSE, Sharp’s score will be brought to life by the distinct singular interpretation of the musicians who perform it.

Along with eighty risograph prints selected from the over 250 generated in the original process, REVERSE will screen a video by Janene Higgins sequencing and mixing images from the Foliage set.  This will be accompanied by a different sound performance each evening, starting at 8 PM. The schedule is as follows:

Friday, 5/17:  Mary Halvorson / Jessica Pavone
Saturday, 5/18: Shelley Burgon
Sunday, 5/19: Luke DuBois
Monday, 5/20:  Dither Guitar Quartet
Tuesday, 5/21:  Mivos String Quartet
Wednesday, 5/22:  Lea Bertucci
Thursday, 5/23:  Barry Weisblat & Andrew Lafkas
Friday, 5/24:  Darius Jones
Saturday, 5/25:  Tracie Morris
Sunday, 5/26:  Elliott Sharp

*Performances from 5/18 – 5/25 will have a $10.00 entrance fee. The opening on 5/17 and closing on 5/26 will be free of charge.

For more information about Elliott Sharp: Foliage at REVERSE, click here.