Avoid this water.

Avoid this water is the first personal exhibition by artist Daria Irincheeva. Born in St.-Petersburg, Russia (formerly Leningrad) during the Perestroika period, she spent her childhood living among the collapse of the Soviet Union and witnessed the downfall of many dreams, ideas and expectations of a huge nation where failure became an every day routine, where lies and uncertainty dominated all information.

Daria Irincheeva takes her memories of these insecure socio-political times that were a foundation for her generation and metabolizes them into much broader philosophical, but simultaneously personal ideas and concepts. Thus the sequence of failures and disasters are transformed into small poetic objects. The utopian idea of home and stability are manifested in empty actions of personal search. Recorded human knowledge is reduced into impenetrable objects that merely act as support for these moribund systems.

Daria Irincheeva was born in 1987 in St.-Petersburg, Russia. She studied at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon, France and currently attends The School of Visual Arts, NY. She has participated in numerous group shows including, “Joyful Archipelago” at Yinka Shonibare Guest Studio, London 2012, “Gute Aussichten”at the 4th Moscow Biennale, Moscow 2011, and curated “Toasting to The Revolution”, at Family Business Gallery, NYC 2012. She has been awarded several grants including The Silas Rhodes Scholarship and has been a finalist for the Strabag Art Award International, Vienna, Austria; The Jean Claude Reynal Scholarship, Bordeaux, France and the Olga Lopukhova Scholarship, Moscow, Russia. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.