Ableton Live 9 Workshop 4/26 – 4/27

Learn Ableton Live 9 from one of the premier electronic music production teachers in the US.

SUNDAY APRIL 27, 1 – 7 PM 

Over the last decade, Ableton Live has established itself as the premier commercially-developed creative software environment for electronic, experimental, and improvisational musicians. It is in a league of its own for live performance, but it also excels in the studio. Whether you want to take your studio recordings on stage, produce electronic music, or explore Max For Live for interaction with any variety of optical or bio-sensors, Live has something to offer you.

This one-weekend Ableton Live 9 workshop is instructed by Ableton Certified Trainer Brian Jackson. It is designed to push your Live skills to the next level in just 2 days. Through a combination of A/V demos, lecture, Q & A, and guided hands-on practice, each participant will have a chance to learn in a way that best suits their style. The goal is for beginners to complete the workshop at an intermediate level, and intermediate users to find themselves pushing into advanced territory.

Note: An Ableton Push is used during demonstrations, but is not a central focus of this workshop and participants need not have one on hand.


You must be fully computer literate and you should have prior computer music experience, preferably at least a few years with another DAW. If you are new to Live, you can still take the workshop. However, if you are a total beginner to computer-based music production, please email the instructor before signing up. <>

Participants are expected to bring their own portable setup with Live 9.1 (or newer) already installed (You can get a fully functional 30-day demo from Please also have headphones and something for taking notes. Bringing a small, portable MIDI controller/keyboard is recommended, but not necessary.

If you do not own a laptop, we do have up to 3 MacMini workstations with a variety of MIDI controllers available for $50/day. Please let us if know ASAP if you will be needing a workstation since they are not stored at the workshop’s location.

Full Workshop: $325
Day 1 only: $175
Day 2 only: $175
10% student discount


Brian Jackson is an internationally released electronic musician, music producer, audio engineer, teacher, consultant, philosopher, and author of “The Music Producer’s Survival Guide: Chaos, Creativity, and Career in Independent and Electronic Music.” He is co-owner and Director of Education at Devotion Gallery, which is also his Ableton Certified Training Center in Brooklyn. Brian’s involvement in DIY, independent, and underground music culture started in Detroit more than two decades ago. He has produced various styles of electronic music, played bass in bands, promoted club events, attempted a record label, and deejayed after-hours parties. From award-winning experimental video to TV shows such as 24, his sounds have been heard worldwide.  In addition to being one of the very first Ableton Certified Trainers, Brian is the author of three tutorial DVDs on Ableton Live and technical editor of books on Live and Pro Tools, among others. He earned a B.S. from Western Michigan University in Sociology and Philosophy, and his M.A. is from The California Institute of Integral Studies (San Francisco) in East-West Psychology. Brian lives and works at his studio, Form Labs, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC. For more information on the instructor, visit

Ableton Live 9 Workshop Outline