The Impossible Project 7/10–7/24

7PM TALKS — Art practices are not only related to the artwork made in the studio; artists create projects that bring their practice into many different settings outside of the formal exhibition space. These projects, the products of creative minds, usually go beyond reality and what is actually possible. It is at this point that the project becomes the “art-work.”

The Impossible Project will present and discuss the conceptions of creative minds in a casual, open forum. We believe that a public presentation of any project can be an influential part of the creative process and can act as an opportunity for these ideas to grow.

The Impossible Project talk series seeks to promote dialogue, exchange, and interaction between artists and general public. We encourage everyone to participate and bring their ideas into the table.

On successive Tuesdays: July 10, 17 and 24 at 7pm we will be presenting the projects of two different artists at REVERSE art space on 28 Frost Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Curated by Renzo Ortega and Andrea Wolf


July 10 — Beyond

Boris Oicherman
Sun Transmitters: art as problem solving

An unrealized project that provides a straightforward illustration of how an artistic intervention, driven by sensibility that is characteristic for an artist more than for any other profession, can solve a real, tangible problem in the artwork’s environment

James Leonard
The Pulsar Listening Garden

The Pulsar Listening Garden would render audible in real time the sounds of distant stars detectable only in the range of radio waves via a dipole radio antenna array. This antenna array would double as a pergola like structure, defining the public space. Additionally, wind chimes would be installed locally throughout the garden and allowed to intermingle with the sounds from the pulsars.


July 17 — Art, Architecture, and Urbanism

Matthias Neumann
Public Office for Architecture

A mobile office for architecture has a nomadic existence in a variety of rural and urban settings. The residents are invited to come with their design questions, establishing a service relationship between the office and the clients. The design and consulting services are at no cost to the client, however all projects taken on by the office are expanded in scope to include a public component into the design.

Avery McCarthy
The Rust Collection

An exploration of the photographic collaboration between Avery McCarthy and Matt Gliva, cataloguing a selection of rusted industrial detritus from the streets of Brooklyn.


July 24 — AESTHETICS: gender and sexuality

Sarah Butler

This is a project to present and discuss the nature of search results related to male beauty that may be said to address a female spectator. What makes this impossible is the resolute bias of any artist, or even statistical group of researchers to accurately document notions of beauty. Indeed, my search results may reveal as much about my computer as they do about any statistical truth on the entry for balls. Is it possible to rebalance the voice of desire?

Jamie Knowles
“…” [Dot Dot Dot]

“…” [Dot Dot Dot] incorporates stock imagery and experience from American cultures past and present to layer meaning through recognized objects and sounds from the public sphere, referencing sex toys, handsaws, and jewelry. Knowles’ recent work ventures into the grotesque and sinister nature of a naïveté at odds with formative generational experience, comparing nostalgia for mid-century wholesomeness with contemporary youth culture fetishes.

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