Digital sound poetry by Felipe Cussen and Dan Freeman
Wednesday October 29th, 8PM

Chilean Poet/Musician/Professor Felipe Cussen and Producer/Artist/Ableton Live guru Dan Freeman (CØm1x) collaborate on a unique mix of live poetry and electronic music and improvisation. They will use digital sampling, sequencing and mixing techniques to give a new digital twist to the presentation of spoken word and vocal sounds. A dialogue with the artists will follow their performance.

Felipe Cussen holds a Ph. D. in Humanities from Universitat Pompeu Fabra and is professor at Universidad de Santiago de Chile. His fields of research are experimental literature, links between poetry and music, and mysticism. He has published poetry and fiction, and has also presented visual poems, sound poems, videos and performances. He collaborates regularly with the musician Ricardo Luna, and is part of Orquesta de Poetas and Trisom.

Dan Freeman is a producer/bassist and music technologist based in Brooklyn, New York, working under the name of Cøm1x. He performs live with his bass/drum/electro-funk duo Comandante Zero (CØ). He is also an Ableton Live Certified Trainer, and teaches classes on electronic music production at Dubspot Academy. His specialty is the integration of acoustic and digital instruments in live performance. He also graduated from Harvard College with a degree on American History.

* This activity is part of the research project Fondecyt Regular #1131136 “Samples y loops en la poesía contemporánea” (Samples and loops in contemporary poetry), directed by Felipe Cussen (Universidad de Santiago de Chile).