Reverse Open Lab 7/16–8/19


REVERSE is pleased to announce a new project, which aims to re-evaluate the artistic process itself.

Six emerging artists will be selected to use the 1010 square feet gallery space and convert it into their own work-stations for a period of one month. During the project, the gallery will be open to the public in order to establish a dialogue between the artist and the viewer and to expose the artistic practice, which often remains behind the scenes.

The space will become a lab for constant feedback, discussion and interaction. The aim is to make the artistic production process visible, in order to encourage dialogue, an exchange of ideas, and allow for the possibility of new directions in the artwork produced. This will be an experiment in collaboration and creation between the viewers and participating artists.

The project will culminate in an exhibition, which will take place at REVERSE Space from August 17th to 19th

REVERSE OPEN LAB will run from July 16th to August 19th. Each artist will have access to an 8 x 10 workspace with their own desk and wi-fi Internet.



Jin Joo Chae

Scott Fitzgerald

Hudson Lines

Francesca Padron

Gabriel J. Shuldiner

Jeremy Zierau


Curated by Bianca D’Ippolito, and Andrea Wolf,

Collaborators: Elizabeth Lee, Jonas Kooyman, Ida Yazdi

Photography: Charles Roussel