3 Day Projection Mapping Workshop Marathon with Projection Mapping installation at REVERSE Art Space

Mappathon© teaches students an amazing technique for manipulating video to create illusions of deconstruction and redefinition of physical shapes by moving away from traditional flat projection surfaces. The goal of the workshop is to create projection mapping installations in REVERSE Space, where the participants create content for complex surfaces.

Students will learn the tools to work with these forms, and engage with the process of collaborative design. The primary tool taught in the workshop is the software package MadMapper. MadMapper has greatly simplified the process of working with this technique of video projection. Used in conjunction with video software like Modul8, Quartz Composer, Processing, or Max/MSP/Jitter, MadMapper enables designers and artists to realize their ideas without getting bogged down in technical details.

At the end of the workshop, student’s work will be open to the public for a presentation in the gallery space. Students will be given a fully functional, 30 days limited version of MadMapper & Modul8. This should be installed and activated prior to the beginning of the workshop. Light food and beverages will be provided during the workshop.


• Mac OS X based computer running 10.6 or greater
• DVI or MiniDVI adapter that allows you to connect your computer to a projector.
• Optional, but suggested: Working knowledge of graphic, video creation software, and/or VJ software.


Please send your name, email address, and website and a copy of the paypal receipt to


6pm, Friday March 29th
limited to 15 participants


The workshop $300
Projector rental during the workshop: $50


DAY 1: April 5, 6–10pm

Introduction to Projection Mapping

DAY 2: April 6, 12am–6pm

Dynamic Media

DAY 3: April 7 12am–6pm

Practice & Installation

DAY 4: April 7, 6–10pm

Public Showcase




She is an interactive visual artist and an educator. She creates a minimalist geometric visual narrative in sync with the sounds of live music performance in addition to interactive projection mapping installations that explore the relationship between visual, light, sound and public audience.

She created the mappathon workshop because of her love of sharing specialized knowledge to the visual art community and educating people in this new technique and method of expression to a broader audience.

She was a resident fellow at ITP, New York University and an IAC Teaching and Research Fellow for Vimeo in 2012. This coming March, she will be starting Eyebeam residency Spring – Summer 2013.

Her work has been showed at the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Art and Design, the Hammer Museum, San Francisco Art Institute, Centre d’Art Contemporain Geneva, among other places.

Mappathon© is created by CHiKA in collaboration with Boris Edelstein, Ilan Katin and Scott Fitzgerald.