Interactive Mappathon is a 3-day projection mapping marathon workshop, followed by an art installation exhibited at REVERSE and open to the public. Learn the latest projection mapping techniques and technologies and then collaborate to create a final advanced site-specific project. This workshop will be a great opportunity to come up with concept, exception and maintenance for their installation at Reverse Gallery.

Mappathon teaches participants the latest technology for mapping video projections on physical surfaces, moving away from the traditional confines of the screen to sculptures and building facades. The goal of the workshop is to create several projection mapping installations, where the participants create content for complex surfaces.

Participants will learn the tools to work in with these forms, and work on the process of collaborative design. The primary tool taught in the workshop is the software package MadMapper and Modul8.

MadMapper has greatly simplified the process of working with this technique of video projection. Used in conjunction with video software like Modul8, Quartz Composer, Processing, or Max/MSP/Jitter; MadMapper enables designers and artists to realize their ideas without getting bogged down in technical details.

The participants will create content for mapping onto large objects made by found object. They will work together in teams, each creating the content for a piece that will incorporate multiple surfaces and shapes. At the end of the workshop, the participants will showcase interactive or non interactive projection mapping installation to the public for a presentation at Reverse Gallery.

The participants will be given a fully functional, time limited, version of MadMapper  & Modul8. This should be installed and activated prior to the beginning of the workshop and eligible to student discount for future purchase. Light lunch and drink will be serve during the workshop.


  • Required to bring own MAC computer for workshop: MadMapper and Modul8 only work on Mac computer. A Mac OS X computer with MAC OS X 10.6 or later installed and a VGA adapter for your computer.
  • Basic knowledge of interactive, video and projection is preferred.
  • Pre installation of MadMapper, Modul8 and their choice of software on their computer is required. Time limited serial # will be provided before the workshop.
  • Bring their own projector otherwise they will work as a team.
  • Bring an idea for projection surface material, found objects for practice and an installation.


Please send your name, email address, website and a copy of the paypal receipt to


Early bird: June 16th
Regular application: June 26th
Limited to 15 participants


$350 early bird ($400 regular)

Projector rental during the workshop, limited to 5 projectors: $50


Session 1: Friday, June 27, 7PM – 10PM

  • Meet Participants & Team
  • Idea of Mappathon
  • An introduction to the concept of mapping
  • Examples of projects created using MadMapper
  • An overview of the software: Modul8 & MadMapper

Session 2: Saturday, June 28, 10AM – 6PM

  • A detailed description of all functions and possible future extensibility: Modul8 & MadMapper
  • Other softwares: Max Msp Jitter, Processing, OpenFrameworks
  • Practice with given projection mapping surface
  • Team work: creating installation/choice of interactive or non-interactive by the participant

Session 3: Sunday, June 29, 10AM – 6PM

  • Team work: creating and installing installation

Exhibition and Opening Party: June 29, 6PM – 8PM



She is an interactive visual artist and an educator. She creates a minimalist geometric visual narrative in sync with the sounds of live music performance in addition to interactive projection mapping installations that explore the relationship between visual, light, sound and public audience. She is a creator of a projection mapping workshop marathon, Mappathon, that teaches mapping projection technique to create site specific installations. She was also a resident researcher at ITP, New York University,  an IAC Teaching and Research Fellow for Vimeo and a resident at Eyebeam.

Bruno Kruse

He is a New York based digital artist and developer. His work includes projections, computer vision and game theory. His recent artwork focuses on designing and developing tools to create interactive installations. He utilizes technology to create meaningful experiences and is motivated by an ongoing curiosity of designing with code. As a developer he has collaborated with artists, creative agencies and startups to develop large-scale web and mobile projects. He has also organized and lead workshops in coding, digital art and game design. Bruno is a graduate of NYU’s ITP program recent fellow at the NYC Games Forum.

Mappathon, created by CHiKA and Boris Edelstein, is based on the MadMapping workshops, developed by GarageCUBE and 1024 architecture.

It is developed by collaboration with Scott Fitzgerald and Ilan Katin.

This workshop is supported by Eyebeam, GarageCUBE and 1024 architecture.