Kickstarter Campaign: Light Up REVERSE

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We want to improve our art gallery by installing professional track lights, to better showcase the innovative art we promote.


REVERSE is a non-for-profit, multidisciplinary workspace and art gallery with an emphasis on new and experimental forms of expression. Run by artists, our mission is to support innovative and boundary breaking projects that foster dialogue and artistic collaboration. We promote project-based exhibitions working with emerging and mid-career artists as well as guest curators. Our shows are often accompanied by workshops, lectures, screenings, performances and other events, providing a space for experimentation and the exchange of ideas.

REVERSE opened its doors in May of 2012, and during these past two years we have hosted  21 exhibitions, 25 performances, 8 talks, 5 workshops, 4 screenings, and 2 summer residencies. Our team is constantly striving to improve our public programs and to host events that engage the community around us.

We want to continue supporting the artist community offering a space that fosters experimentation and artistic collaboration. Your support will allow us to provide better illumination to display and highlight the work of the artists we show at REVERSE.


The REVERSE gallery is long and rectangular with very high ceilings. Currently, we have a DIY line of metal bars running down the center of the ceiling, on which individual clamp lights are attached. The lights are all wired to a single switch on the ground below. For each new exhibition we must individually turn on/off, plug/unplug each light and position them accordingly to properly light up the featured artwork. This entails countless trips up and down our very tall ladder, which is both time consuming and risky for our staff.

Your generous donations will allow us to install a professional track lighting system that will replace our current DIY setup. The system will provide better lighting conditions to showcase the artwork in our gallery. It will also be safer for all of us who work at REVERSE and more energy efficient and cost effective in the long run.

View the campaign here.