Robert Curgenven – BARDO / Barry Weisblat – NO PRESENT
2/1 – 2/10 2013
Contour Editions is pleased to present two new releases of its section “Installation” dedicated to act as an online platform with a focus on facilitating multi-channel sound installations for local audiences in designated spaces and environments. Robert Curgenven’s BARDO with it’s high dynamic range draws on the physicality of sound using a 7.2 speaker setup. NO PRESENT by Barry Weisblat will only be shown after sunset. For the opening and closing events Contour Editions invited artists to perform spatial sound works and multi-channel compositions that also relate to Reverse as an acoustic site.The installations will be offered by appointment only at
Suggested hours for appointments:
2pm – 6pm for BARDO by Robert Curgenven
7pm – 10pm for NO PRESENT by Barry Weisblat
(to see both come for the switchover and have a tea.)
OPENING FRIDAY 2/1, 6pm -10pm
Solo sets by Dafna Naphtali and Stephan Moore, 8pm
DETAILS of the installations and live performances:Robert Curgenven
A non-place, an in-between zone, Bardo is a spatial and temporal suspension within overlapping yet distinct fields interpermeated by an aetheric tactility: sounds disorientingly enter and leave, merging and confusing the boundaries of interiority and exteriority. Moving from the edge of silence to moments of complete immersion, Bardo draws on the physicality of sound – not just the physical impact on the body but the way in which sound can shape our perception of space and the flow of time – cumulatively fostering a precessional state where one expects things to change but also expects them to stay the same.Barry Weisblat
Gathered artifacts with sound.
(offered only after 6pm)Dafna Naphtali
works for multi-channel sound, field recordings and voiceStephan Moore
Layers of rough sound concentrated within limited frequency bands, dispersed monophonically with a short, variable, per-channel delay introduced in inverse quantities (by pair) at the point of exit from the production system, intimating illusory movement.