MUSEUM MIXTAPE (Dirty South Edition) 2/12

MMprint 547


MUSEUM MIXTAPE is a video-album in which up-and-coming rappers perform improvised freestyle rhymes as live critiques of museums in the southeast United States. The piece aims to create a playful connection between hip-hop narratives and institutional art spaces, reflecting on the current state of cultural economies, institutional community engagement and emerging subcultural forms and their intersections.

In 2012 artist Juan Obando was awarded the Rhizome Commission from Rhizome and New York’s New Museum to develop the project “MUSEUM MIXTAPE (Dirty South Edition)”.


Juan Obando (born 1980 in Bogotá) lives and works between Boston and Bogotá. Obando’s work focuses on the critical intervention of social systems through the orchestration of mediated experiences and the development of locative performances, collaborative networks, and experimental publications. He started working in his native Bogotá in 2005, where he received a BA in Industrial Design with a minor in Architecture and Urbanism from Universidad de los Andes. Obando’s work has been widely exhibited since 2009.