Keith Rowe, Anne Guthrie & Richard Kamerman 9/29

Concert starts at 10pm
Admission $10, no early entry

Keith Rowe was in the forefront of the initial wave of European free improvisation, co-founding the AMM collective in 1965 and originating the tabletop guitar. The tabletop guitar has remained at the center of his ever-evolving table of electronics and gadgets ever since, becoming increasingly stripped down and minimal in recent years. Having mostly performed within AMM until the late 90’s, he’s since been involved in a wide range of projects, including a slew of the most prominent Erstwhile releases. He’s the cornerstone musician of the label, and his wide range of releases over the last decade stands with the strongest bodies of work of the last century in improvised music.

Tonight will be an early record release concert for his stunning ‘September’, recorded in Manhattan on 9/11/11 and out very soon on the ErstLive imprint.

Anne Guthrie is an acoustician, composer, French horn player, and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. Her music combines her knowledge of acoustics and contemporary composition/improvisation. Her electronic music has focused on exploiting the natural acoustic phenomena of unique architectural spaces through minimal processing of field recordings. As a composer, her work has focused on the orchestration of non-musical sounds, speech in particular.

Richard Kamerman prefers small sounds to large sounds but that doesn’t mean they are always performed as quiet sounds. He also likes accidental sounds and collecting his instruments from people’s trash on the street. He has no time for cigar breaks.

Anne and Richard have been playing together since 2005 in the trio Delicate Sen with Billy Gomberg. Their first documented duo collaborations will be released on the Erstwhile imprint ErstAEU in 2013.

Image — Keith Rowe at the Rothko Chapel, Houston, TX, 6/1/07, photo by Yuko Zama